GDC 2014: Technical Artist Bootcamp

I’ll be giving a presentation at GDC2014 together with the awesome Vlad Mastilovic from 3lateral. You can DOWNLOAD IT HERE
He’ll be talking about the Ryse facial rigs and I’ll be talking about the character rigging on Ryse.

Technical art continues to march forward and at a faster pace than most disciplines, as it is wide-reaching and wide open. Rigging, Python, pipelines, shaders and unit tests are all known and understood at this time. It’s time to push forward and stretch our legs. Large studios need more powerful toolchains with more professional development environments and small teams need each and every member to be very technically capable. Technical artists know efficiency is at a premium, and a working tool is not good enough anymore; tech artists will learn to focus on a quality user experience when designing tools and workflows. Tech animators will learn quick prototyping techniques of animation systems, which has traditionally been one of the most complex areas to author. More techniques for automating asset processing, fast cinematic workflows, and optimizing asset performance for run-time will be covered.